Why WhatsYourPrice.com Is The Biggest Scam Out There

Why WhatsYourPrice.com Is The Biggest Scam Out There

Reasons To Never Use WhatsYourPrice.com

WhatsYourPrice.com is the most illegitimate sugar daddy dating website around. I didn’t meet any sugar daddies whatsoever and wasted my precious time. I didn’t want to get a summer job. I wanted to find a sugar daddy to take care of me while I enjoyed my summer, but apparently that was too much of a request for this site. They didn’t connect me with any. beware-scam-site-whats-your-price

Initial Sign Up: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

The site was easy enough to join and it was free for me, because I’m a sugar baby. They only asked the simplest questions, and some of them were really ridiculous. Things that wouldn’t even be happening in a sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangement. Asking me questions about what I want in a long term relationship on a sugar daddy dating site seems pointless and really poorly thought out, because it’s completely irrelevant. Sugar daddy dating isn’t a long term thing. Everyone involved in it knows that, it’s part of the great thing about it. So this site clearly doesn’t know anything about the business it’s trying to do. I should’ve quit there, but I didn’t.

Results Using The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I used this alleged sugar daddy dating site for 3 months before I decided that they were just scamming me, pure and simple. I sent and received hundreds of messages, but didn’t have one single sugar daddy date. How can that be possible? The men on this site are gross and poor; they have no way of verifying income of the men on the site, so if they’re willing to pay, they can just join – like any other dating site. I didn’t have one single date, and that’s completely ridiculous during an entire 3 month period. I didn’t want to connect with any of the men I talked to; I never sent more than one message or replied to any of the guys who did contact me.
  • 489 messages sent out
  • 403 message replies
  • 688 messages received
  • 0 sugar daddy dates

Needs Improvement

This site is terrible, so they need to improve a whole hell of a lot of thing to make it any good. The first thing would be to stop being a scam, but I digress. The men, more than anything else, were what I was put-off by.
  • Poor Quality Members There are tons of men on this site, but none of them are sugar daddies. I got hundreds of sleazy responses and messages that just totally put me off wanting to talk to anyone else from WhatsYourPrice.
  • Ads The site is full of stupid ads that take up most of the page you’re trying to looking. The pop-ups are crazy and so annoying that I closed the page and just logged off many many times.
  • No Income Verification This site has no way of verifying income of the men claiming to be sugar daddies, so chances are incredibly high that you’ll be talking to a broke middle class guy with a crappy job. Hardly a situation that makes a man a sugar daddy.

Final Verdict

WhatsYourPrice.com is the absolute worst site out there claiming to be for sugar daddy dating. It’s a total scam with no members who would actually qualify as sugar daddies. They’re all just desperate older men looking to hookup with hot young women, which is hardly what sugar daddy dating is about. These men don’t even understand the area of dating they’re trying to do. This site is a complete waste of time and energy; you won’t meet a sugar daddy. None of the men you’ll meet will be able to financially support you, because they aren’t actually rich guys. They’re losers who pay to use a site to trick young women into going out with them. Don’t fall for it. If you are looking for legitimate sites for sugar babies, you should CLICK HERE instead.