Is The Absolute Worst Site I’ve Ever Seen Is The Absolute Worst Site I’ve Ever Seen

Never Use For Sugar Daddy Dating

I was looking for a sugar daddy to help me out while I finished university and some companionship when I signed up for this site. I wish I never had. I was basically scammed by for trying to meet a legitimate sugar daddy. They didn’t help to find one at all, and only wanted my information and photos to use to advertise the site. I don’t know how any of the way they do business is legal, but they’re still operating, so there must be a loophole somewhere. I would never use this site, and this is why. do-not-join-sugarsugar

Initial Sign Up: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Joining was almost too simple. I was asked only the most basic questions about myself and then asked to upload a photo. They didn’t care to know why I was on the site or what I wanted to get out of being there. They just wanted my basic demographic info and my photos. I really thought that they would ask me more to get an idea of how they could help to meet sugar daddies, but that wasn’t the case. I soon found out why that was.

Results Using The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I didn’t have any positive results using I sent and received hundreds of messages, but none of them were worth my time or energy. I used SugarSugar for 3 months without any luck. Sure, I had the chance to go out with some guys, but these were not sugar daddies. They were regular guys with somewhat decent incomes or nasty, poor old men trying to score with young women. Either way, not the kind of man I was on this site to meet. I got asked out constantly, but absolutely none of the men who asked were actual certified sugar daddies.
  • 432 messages sent
  • 398 replies received
  • 566 messages received
  • 0 sugar daddies

Needs Improvement

There are so many things on SugarSugar that need to be improved on that I don’t even know where to start. I’ll stick with the top 3 things that bothered me the most while I was using the site.
  • Unauthorized Photo Use I logged onto the site one day to see that my photo was being used in an ad for the site! No one had asked me if this was ok and I immediately contact customer support to get it taken down. They avoided my emails for weeks until I finally threatened legal action. What a great way to do business.
  • No Helpful Features There aren’t any features on the site that help members connect with each other. Because they don’t ask any questions about what their members are looking for and what they want out of the site, they have nothing to use to match anyone.
  • Poor Quality Members The men on the site are definitely not sugar daddies. They’re average guys at best who are looking to hook up with hot young women. Some of the other members are just nasty old guys who are trying to get with any hot girl they can, and they’re super sleazy about it. I felt like I was on a porn chat or something talking to them for even 2 minutes, which is not why I was on the site.

Final Verdict

Before joining any sugar daddy dating site, do your research. Read some reviews on which ones are legitimate and good, so you can avoid the situation I found myself in. I met zero sugar daddies after 3 months using one site that claims to be for that exact purpose. I would never recommend to anybody who’s serious about finding a legit sugar daddy or sugar baby. You won’t find it here, you’ll only waste your time on gross, poor old men.