Steer Clear Of For Sugar Daddy Dating

Steer Clear Of For Sugar Daddy Dating

Why You Need To Stay Away From For Sugar Daddy Dating

I had heard so many great things about sugar baby dating from my colleagues and friends that I was really excited to try it after my divorce. I thought going online would be the best way to do it. That did not turn out to be the case, unfortunately. There are more than a few reasons why I am outraged that is still up and running. is a lie and a scam. They stole my money and gave me nothing in return.

sugar-daddie-dating-scamInitial Sign Up: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Joining was easy enough, nothing too complicated. I didn’t have to fill in anything to verify my profession or my income, which I thought was strange, because my buddies had told me this was standard for the online sugar baby dating process. They only really asked what I do for a living, how much money I made (without verifying anything, just taking my word for it), and basic stuff like my age and location. It took maybe 5 minutes to sign up, which is great in terms of time, but I felt like my profile was incomplete. Regardless, I was apparently ready to start sugar baby dating.

Results Using The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I didn’t have any positive results from using I sent hundreds of messages to women on the site, and while I did hear back from quite a lot, most of them weren’t real women. It was really obvious when I was contacted by bot profiles and escorts using the site as a front for business. I sent tons of messages, and got a lot of replies, but like I said, most of them were not from actual sugar babies. I tried this site for 3 months, and in all that time, didn’t have a single successful encounter.
  • 467 messages sent
  • 399 messages received
  • 307 replies
  • 1 weird date
The one woman I went out with was a nutcase, and way older than a sugar baby should be. A very strange and not successful experience.

Needs Improvement

The site needs to completely improve on everything, as far as I’m concerned. They’re no different then any other site; they can’t guarantee that you’ll meet a sugar baby or even check that their members are certified as such.
  • No Income Verification They don’t verify income at all on this site. I was told by friends of mine that had used a different (apparently way better and legitimate) site for sugar baby dating that they would verify my income level. They did not. This made me question what else they don’t do while claiming to connect sugar babies with sugar daddies.
  • No Vetting Process For Sugar Babies It doesn’t seem like the site has any sort of process to filter out escorts or anyone who is using the site as a front for business. They don’t verify that the women are really sugar babies, so you’re basically just gambling on whether or not you’re wasting your time.

Final Verdict absolutely sucks. They do nothing whatsoever for their sugar daddy members. I was just looking for a young woman to spoil and pamper while taking care of all of her financial needs, but I only found money hungry girls who don’t want to get to know me at all. These women just wanted my money with no interest in companionship or anything to do with me at all, really. I would never in a million years advise anybody to use this site. It’s an obvious scam that I was foolish enough to fall for for 3 months of my life. That’s time that a busy man like me doesn’t have to throw away. Time is money and both were wasted on this site.