Why SeekingArrangement.com Is The Biggest Scam Online

Why SeekingArrangement.com Is The Biggest Scam Online

This Is Why SeekingArrangement.com Is A Total Scam

This is a user review on SeekingArrangement.com, and why I’ll never use it again, or recommend it to my worst enemies. They don’t connect you with sugar daddies. They only take you on a run-around trying to get your photos and information to use to promote their site. They have no interest in actually hooking up sugar babies and sugar daddies, and it’s pretty obvious from the start. sugar-daddy-dating-scam-seeking-arrangement

Initial Sign Up: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

The first thing you have to do to to join this sugar daddy dating site is to make a profile. I made sure that I first chose some really flattering photos where I was all dolled up before I made my profile. It was pretty easy to make one, but there was nothing to tell me what I should write or anything. Since I didn’t know what sort of information to include in my profile, I just wrote some basic stuff about myself and hoped for the best. There’s nothing to guide new users on how to get started or anything like that, so I just had to figure it out myself. I feel like it wouldn’t have taken as long to join as it did if I had some guidance from the site.

Results Using The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I used this supposed sugar daddy dating site for 3 months with no good results. I went out on a couple of dates, but I lost hope in this website after that. I got so many messages from men, but the majority of these messages were from sleazy older men who didn’t seem like they really were sugar daddies – I got the impression that most of them were only on the site to meet younger women, but didn’t have the income or anything to back up being an actual sugar daddy. I just got really creeped out by most of the messages I got.
  • 677 messages received
  • 432 messages sent
  • 2 awful dates
  • 0 sugar daddy arrangements
The 2 dates that I did go on were terrible, and it was about a week after that I decided to finally quit this stupid scam site and find a legitimate one.

Needs Improvement

I would honestly say that this entire site needs improvement. They don’t help you register at all, so you have to kind of figure it out for yourself and hope for the best.
  • No Real Sugar Daddies For a site that claims to be made for sugar daddy dating, they have shockingly few of them – if any. I seriously did not meet even one guy who would qualify as a real sugar daddy. The only thing they had that could’ve possibly qualified them was their ages – old men with no or moderate amounts of money. Not sugar daddy material.
  • Not Easy To Use Like I’ve mentioned a few times, there is zero guidance from the site to help you create your profile. You would think that a site made to connect people would have some investment in them having good profiles, but apparently they don’t agree.
  • No Features SeekingArrangement says that they have features, but they don’t work. So there’s nothing to help match you with other members, you have to search the site yourself. They don’t care if you meet someone as long as you pay.

Final Verdict

Thank God this is a free site for sugar babies, because if I had to spend money on the time I just wasted on this site, I would be really pissed. I don’t know if there are any real sugar daddies on this site. I only met creeps and sleazeballs who I would never want to be seen with. I would never use this site again and I would caution anyone looking into it to look elsewhere for sugar daddy dating or sugar baby dating.