How Matched Me With My Sugar Bae

How Matched Me With My Sugar Bae

Why I’ll Always Recommend

I was looking to join a site that would legitimately set me up with some potential sugar babies. I have the money to spoil a deserving young lady and that’s what I wanted to find. I most definitely chose the right site for that. is a God send to the sugar daddy dating world. They’re so easy to use and really help members connect with the right sugar babies. millionairematch-sugar-daddy-dating

Initial Sign Up: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I wasn’t sure what to expect when signing up for a sugar daddy dating site, but it was a lot easier than I thought it might be. I thought there would be big questionnaires that would take me 40 minutes to complete, but there was a small, to the point survey about my wants and needs for being on the site. It took me about 15 minutes in total to join the site, complete the survey and my profile, and upload a photo. In less than 20 minutes, I was ready to search for my sugar baby. I was pretty impressed with that. My business meetings take longer than that. Once I was registered, I looked around the site for a bit before I browsed any profiles. The layout and overall appearance of the site is phenomenal. Very user-friendly. I got a great first impression from my search around the site.

Results Using The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I was only a member on the site for a month and half before I found the sugar baby I was looking for. I would say I had massive success on I sent out a ton of messages and got way more than I expected in reply. The women on this site are serious about finding sugar daddies – they aren’t messing around! I was contacted by some women as well, which I liked, because they were proactive about getting what they wanted, which is very similar to my own personal attitude toward things in life. In fact, the sugar baby that I have now, initiated contact between us, which is one of the things that drew me to her. We went on a fantastic date and I was hooked right then and there.
  • Sent 322 messages
  • Received 204 replies
  • Received 199 messages
  • 3 dates
  • 1 sugar baby

Successful Approaches

There’s no tried and true method of sugar daddy dating, especially online. There are a couple of things that I made sure to keep in mind while I was using the site, and that might’ve been why I was as successful on here as I was.
  • Be A Gentleman Always always always be a gentleman. Don’t act like you’re better than her or be a sleaze. Act your age and do what your mama taught you when you talk to women. Cut the attitude from the start and treat her as your equal. Nobody likes to be talked down to. Always be respectful when you talk to her as well. Never be rude if you want her to stick around. This should all be common sense though.
  • Be Open Tell her what you’re offering her and how you’ll shower her with lavish gifts. Don’t be coy. She wants to know what you can offer her over the other potential sugar daddies she’s talking to. Tell her where you’ll take her on vacation, ask her what she wants or what she wants to do, and then let her know you can and will give her those things. There’s no place for games in sugar daddy dating, nobody wants their time wasted.

Awesome Features has a ton of great features that genuinely make your time on the site easier, and improve your odds of meeting sugar babies.
  • Great Customer Service The customer service on is top notch. They’re available 24/7 for whatever issues you might run into, and they help you resolve it ASAP. I was so impressed by their service, being someone involved in that industry, this is the type of service I strive for in my own company. So kudos to MM.
  • Chat Requests You can send requests to chat with people you’re interested in getting to know. They can refuse your request, but chances are they aren’t going to. I used this feature and ended up chatting with some really great women – even went out with a couple of them!
  • Public Comments Other members can post public comments on your profile, which is great, because you can let the rest of the site know that someone is great and really looking for a sugar baby or sugar daddy arrangement as opposed to gold-digging or escorting. Negative comments, if any, aren’t there for long as staff deletes them and then blocks that member. Only good vibes allowed on this sugar daddy dating site.

Tips On Using The Sugar Baby Dating Site

Like I said, there are no set of rules for sugar daddy dating that everyone needs to follow, just some things to keep in mind when you’re looking into it.
  • Send Messages Always be proactive and send messages to women you want to get to know. You’re a mature, older gentleman, you should be able to send a message to a young lady. Don’t be timid, that’s not an attractive quality in a sugar daddy. Go for what you want in dating like you do in business.
  • Have Fun More than anything else, you need to have fun with it. Keep things light and always try to just enjoy the ride, whatever it may bring. This isn’t a serious or complicated thing you’re doing – you’re meeting hot young ladies who want to spend time with you while you spoil them with your wealth. So much fun to be had here!

Needs Improvement

I was so impressed with everything about, but in the interest of offering constructive criticism, this is all I could really say:
  • Maximum Membership Length The longest membership time that you can sign up for is 6 months. This is a long time and you’re more than likely to find a sugar baby in much less time than that, but if you want to date multiple sugar babies at once and only do that, then you’re limited before you have to renew completely. This didn’t affect me whatsoever, but it’s the only “criticism” I could think of for this site.

Final Verdict

I would recommend to anyone and everyone who wants to try sugar daddy dating. It’s a really great experience, and if I need to find another sugar baby once this one has moved on, then I will definitely be using this one again. The service alone is reason to choose this site over and other sugar daddy dating site, because they’re so on the ball and genuinely wanting to help that it’s impossible not to be impressed by it. They really know what they’re doing at