Why HotSugarBabies.com Is The Absolute Worst Site Around

Why HotSugarBabies.com Is The Absolute Worst Site Around

Why You Should Always Avoid HotSugarBabies.com

I was recently divorced and looking for hang out with an attractive, sexy young woman while showering her with gifts and taking her on awesome vacations. I had thought that I’d chosen a sugar daddy dating site to do that. HotSugarBabies.com scammed me out of my money and my valuable time as a business owner. I can’t be wasting my days and that’s exactly what happened to me. hot-sugar-babies-scam-site

Initial Sign Up: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Joining the site was easy, but I thought at the time it seemed a little bit too easy and straight-forward. They didn’t ask me a lot of questions that I was expecting to answer about being a sugar daddy, so I was met with a red flag from the get-go. I willfully ignored it though, which I regret doing. If I had listened to my gut, then I could have avoided wasting my time. The thing with this is, professionals like me don’t have the kind of time to just throw away trying to meet women. I expected the site to do what it’s supposed to do, and connect me with sugar babies, and it didn’t do that. I’m more pissed off about my wasted time then I am about the money I spent on this site. So I was signed up and ready to start meeting sugar babies, which is what I had wanted to happen. As you can guess, it did not.

Results Using The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

This is a joke – I didn’t have any results using HotSugarBabies.com for 2 whole months. I can tell you what I had expected or hoped to happen, but it ultimately didn’t. I sent out plenty of messages to women on this site and only got minimal responses back. I received messages from “women”, who were quite obviously bot profiles, trying to get me to send them money right away. Um, what? That’s not how sugar daddy dating works HotSugarBabies.com, and you should know that if that’s what you do.
  • 98 messages sent
  • 37 replies
  • 50 messages received
  • 0 dates
  • 0 sugar babies

Needs Improvement

I strongly believe that the entire site needs to be shut down and revamped into a legitimate sugar daddy dating site. There’s nothing legitimate about the way it works, and they aren’t even trying to make it seem legit once you’ve given them your money.
  • Bot Profiles The “women” who reached out to me were always bot profiles that were trying to get one thing or another out of me. They asked for money without trying to meet or get to know me, and that’s just not cool. At least try and make your bot profiles seem like real women. The language they used was so out of context and irrelevant I would’ve sworn I was talking to a robot, even without knowing the in’s of a business like this.
  • Ads I was inundated with ads on every single page of HotSugarBabies.com. The ads were ridiculous too – why are you advertising your site to someone who is already a member? Come on, guys. This is such a poorly thought out scam site, that it’s seriously laughable.

Final Verdict

I would never in a million years or for a million dollars use this site again, or recommend it to anyone else. I truly wish I had done my research on sugar daddy dating sites and chosen a legitimate one instead of this obvious and ridiculous scam. If there was a way that I could sue the makers of this site I would, but I also know that ultimately that would take up more of my time that this site has already wasted that I will never be able to get back.