What To Do When Things Go Bad With Your Sugar Daddy

What To Do When Things Go Bad With Your Sugar Daddy

Not everything has to last forever. Break ups suck and hurt and you have to go back to living in your bachelor apartment which no one wants. However, before you ream him out on social media, take a step back and cool your jets. Here is what to do when things go bad.


Loss sucks, and crying helps. You wanted it to work out so you could have a sugar daddy for life and it didn’t and that sucks. Cry your little heart out. There is no shame in that. But don’t make it a habit of crying every day for weeks on end. It was a sugar daddy relationship, not marriage. Check out this video on how to get over a break up:

Stay Away From Social Media

Stalking his Facebook and Instagram and Twitter to see what he’s posting or who he’s talking to will not help your situation. It will only make you more angry and upset. You will get worked up and you will end up doing something stupid like posting how he sucks in bed or how he should get tested. These do not help your case. Plus millionaires know other millionaires and you will be black listed quicker than signing up for a sugar daddy dating site.

Be Thankful

Look back on your time as a learning experience and be happy that it happened. Think about what you liked about it and what you wish you could’ve changed. That way the next millionaire who sweeps you off your feet will have a newer and better you. Also, if he bought you a car or a condo and you got the ownership in your name, be thankful you are a smart girl who knows how to cover her own ass.

Treat Yourself

This isn’t the time to eat all the ice cream and gain weight and hate yourself. This is the time to hit the gym, start a new diet, whiten your teeth, buy new clothing for yourself. Look better and hotter than before. Find a new millionaire and start all over again. The grass is always greener on the other side. If you are still looking for tips as to what you should do after a break up, read this Buzzfeed article.Relationships end, people move on, the leaves change colors. All things sometimes come to an end. If you have class about the break up, then you have nothing to worry about. There’s always another millionaire out there and you will find him at Bang A Millionaire. Leave the past in the past and look forward to the next sugar daddy.