What Not To Do When Searching For A Sugar Daddy Online

What Not To Do When Searching For A Sugar Daddy Online

You can be online looking for a millionaire sugar daddy or you can already be on a first date with him. The key is to do all the right things to help you get him to want to spoil you. So, with some vigorous research, we have put together a list of what not to do to get him to want you.

Be A Complainer

Men are usually very laid back people, they don’t let things get to them. However, us females have so much going on in our brains that sometimes we need to complain. It is ok after a few dates to complain about your boss being jerk, but give it a total of one sentence than switch to a happier topic. Do not by any means complain for the entire date about stuff he doesn’t care about. No one likes a complainer. Keep it positive. This article that Carolyn Dickson wrote for the Huffington Post is spot on about things we do that turn men off. For the full article, visit the website.

Be Gross

Men like women who are delicate, have some class to them, and eat like a lady. If you are shovelling food into your mouth, swearing like a sailor, chain smoking, picking your nose, coughing without covering you mouth, discussing your bathroom habits, or anything along these lines. You get the point. He will never and I repeat NEVER talk to you again. You’re a lady, act like it. Think Tank discusses what women do that turn men off. It’s well delivered and lets you know exactly what men are thinking about when it comes to you. You can check out the video below:

Get Possessive Too Fast

You’ve been on less than three dates, don’t start assuming you are madly in love and he’s exclusive to you and only you. Don’t change your Facebook status to taken. Don’t start posting boyfriend/girlfriend photos on Instagram. Don’t text him a million times a day. If you are looking to scare him off, this will do it and you will forever be labelled as the ‘crazy girl‘ to all his friends. This is the number one thing a girl can do that will turn a sugar daddy off instantly. Do not be a stage five clinger. If you meet any of these signs, you need to re-think your game. Are You A Stage 5 Clinger?

Be Sloppy

If you dress in sweat pants on a date, forget to wash your hair for almost every date, clean your nails, brush your teeth, or look unkempt in any way do not expect to get a second date. Sugar babies are supposed to be beautiful and well put together. Not looking like there’s a possibility your building doesn’t have showers in it.

Seek Your Millionaire Match Now

Steer clear from these and you should be on the right track almost immediately. Remember the key rules; be classy, be beautiful, be funny, and be desirable. If you feel yourself starting to go into these zones, pull yourself out of it or forever be the crazy, gross girl. Do all the rights things with your sugar daddy and start by signing up for MillionaireMatch.com.