Get The Most Out Of Shopping With Your Sugar Daddy

Shopping With Your Sugar Daddy

The number one part of having a millionaire sugar daddy is you get to go shopping in the stores you’ve always wanted to go in. Leave that H&M skirt and that Coach Bag you bought on sale in the trash and get ready for luxury. Here are some of the best places to shop and what to buy now that you have the plastic of a sugar daddy.


Now that you have the means to get yourself a great watch, you need to pick out a few that will work with any outfit. Rolex is a great place to start, these watches are timeless and will go with anything. A rose gold with a blue face plate Michael Kors watch is perfect for the summer time. A skinny band, silver with diamond encrusted face plate from Cartier will lift up any outfit and take it to the next level.


Chanel clutches can make you look sophisticated. Get one in black and one in white that way it will go with any outfit, either formal or casual. Balenciaga bags run upwards of 5 figures, so get your man to invest in one for you but make sure you get the lifetime warrantee on them in case anything happens. While you’re at it, grab your a Birkin or two off the top shelf in whatever color or style you like, because a Birkin goes with anything.

The Entire Fall and Spring Line

Get a whole new wardrobe from the Bergdorf, Bendels or Holt Renfrew. Throw out all your old clothing to make room for the new closet you will be treated to. Remember money is no problem when it comes to your sugar daddy. Get the essentials; tops, pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, leather coats, etc. Make sure to buy enough to last you through every season, just in case your sugar daddy doesn’t. Grab yourself a few pairs of Jimmy Choos or Manolos while you’re at it. The shoes complete the outfit. Check out the latest collection at Bendel’s to see what you need in your life.


Since you have the money of a rich man, it is time to buy the designer couture dresses you can only dream about. The fact that these dresses costs the same amount as a down payment on a downtown condo means this is your only chance to pick one out for yourself. You don’t need an occasion to wear the dress. The dress will be an occasion on its own. Here is the low down on buying Haute Couture.

Find The Sugar Daddy Who Will Take You Out On Shopping Sprees Now

Shopping with your sugar daddy means getting everything you want. If he’s willing to shell out the plastic, then you need to keep him around for as long as possible. Find yourself a willing sugar daddy for some rich dating at Pay For Our Dates. Sign Up Today.