Difference Between A Long And Short Term Relationship

The Difference Between A Short And Long Term Relationships With Millionaires

Determining whether or not your relationship will last is a very challenging if you can’t see the signs. We are professionals at reading the signs for you, so we made a simple list on short term traits versus long term traits. Let’s us take the doubt out of it for you.

Short Term Relationship Traits

Knowing your relationship is only meant to be a temporary thing is easier to spot than what you would think. He makes last minute plans, he doesn’t want to put a for sure label on it, he establishes boundaries with you. He just wants to have fun with you. He wants the instant sexual gratification, momentary closeness that you two share he likes a lot, but it’s more about his self discovery than it is about starting a relationship with you. In cases like this, we say, just enjoy yourself. There’s no harm in having fun while you can. Just because it won’t last forever, doesn’t mean it won’t last for incredibly fun months. You two just happen to have a connection and you were meant to spend a short amount of time with each other to explore it. Have fun with it. You only live once. There is something very special about a short term relationship with your sugar daddy, and the Daily Life hits the nail on the head in their newest article about how short term relationships are under appreciated. You can find it here, if you would like to take a read. Viral Video’s put out a video on a great way to look at long term vs short term relationships. Very straight to the point. Granted, this isn’t geared towards sugar daddy’s and their sugar babies but it has the same general message. Especially when it comes to Mean Girls VS Mad Max. Give it a watch:

Long Term Relationship Traits

He wants to be with you as often as you can. He makes plans with you. He introduces you to his family and friends. He shows you off to everyone he knows. You’re a big part of his life. He takes vacations with you and make plans well in the future. He is confident you feel the exact same about him. It’s easy as hell to spot if the millionaire sugar daddy wants to be with you for the long haul. He wants to turn a sugar baby into a sugar wife and if you let him, you might have a great thing going for a very long time. However, staying together for a long time means also dealing with his personal traits and living with them. He might have a ton of money but does that pay for the fact that he makes terrible jokes, or chews with his open all the time. If the money and him are worth it, then go for the gold and hit the long haul. Buzzfeed gives us a humorous look into the milestones of long term relationships. Hopefully your sugar daddy has a little more class, but it’s also good to know he can get that comfortable with you. Visit the hilarious list here. However, number 10 will not apply to you.

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Whether you’re with your millionaire sugar daddy for a short time or a long time, you should just make the most out of that time. Don’t forget, if he buys you a car or condo, get it under your name, just in case. Find a long or short term relationship with a sugar daddy today by signing up with PrivateArrangements.com.