The Age Old Battle Of Like Versus Love And How To Know

Like VS Love With Your Sugar Daddy

The age old battle every girl must face at some point ‘does he like me or does he love me?’. This question will drive a woman mad and make her do things she wouldn’t normally do. So before you go crazy, here are some signs that your millionaire sugar daddy likes you or is in love with you.

Being Around You

  • Like: He makes last minute plans with you, gives you cab fare to get home safely and kisses you goodbye. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, but a guy who wants to be with you will be taking you upstairs.
  • Love: Plans dates with you well in advance. Drives you home himself. Kisses you good morning.

Family and Friends

  • Like: You’ve met a few of his friends in passing or over occasional dinners. If you have even ever met them. He may be keeping you at an arms length because he isn’t sure about taking this sugar baby relationship to a serious level.
  • Love: He has brought you to family events and you’re always on group dates with his friends.
The Huffington Post discusses about whether or not you are in love or in like with a guy. It’s one thing to know what he feels, but you need to know how you feel about them. You’re in this for money, getting your heart broken isn’t part of the plan. Read up on it here.

In Public

  • Like: He’ll hold your hand sometimes, buy you stuff, maybe give you a kiss if the mood strikes
  • Love: Has his arm around you, treats you to whatever you want, introduces you as his girlfriend as often as possible. Just because you are a sugar baby does not mean it can not turn into something serious. Look at Anna Nicole Smith before she died. She was a sugar baby who got wifed up.


  • Like: Most of your communication is done through texting.
  • Love: Most of your communication is done in person.
Online columnist The Josh Speaks talks about what he defines as the difference between like and love. Getting an outside opinion might help you gage where your relationship and what you are feeling within yourself towards another person. You can check out the video below:  

The Long Run

  • Like: He sees you as having potential to be able to be around for a while. Doesn’t like to talk about the far off future.
  • Love: He sees you being around for a long time. Wants to talk about any kind of future.

Knows You

  • Like: He knows the good stuff about you and likes being around you.
  • Love: He knows the vulnerable and messy parts of you and loves being around you.


  • Like: Constant arguing and there’s a chance he won’t talk to you for a few days to cool off.
  • Love: You settle things like adults and he still wants to be around you during and after the fight because he cares about you.
Find out for yourself once and for all if he is in like or in love with you by taking A New Mode’s quiz. It‘s goofy, but it also sometimes helps to get a different perspective.

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