Introducing Your Sugar Daddy To Your Friends Or Family

Do You Introduce Your Sugar Daddy To Your Friends And Family?

You and your sugar daddy have been together for a few months now. You both like each other. He spoils you like crazy. Your friends and family all know about him, but do you introduce him to everyone? How will your friends and family react? How do you deal with this situation? There are a lot of questions involved with this sort of things.

Does He Want To Meet Them?

If he has no intention of meeting them, then you have your answer and you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes, you need to call it what it is and be happy you got yourself a sugar daddy. Keep doing what you’re doing. If he wants to meet them, then you will have to decide if you want to cross this path. It is a good sign if he wants to meet your friends and family, it means you are on the path to sugar wife status. That is every sugar baby’s end goal, don’t forget. Learn how to introduce your guy to your parents with this helpful video:

How Do You Explain Him To Your Friends And Family?

It is your life and in theory, you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to any one. However, that is not how life works sometimes. If you are feeling insecure about being a sugar daddy, then flat out lie. Tell them you met someone older who you really like. If you are comfortable doing what you’re doing, then tell them that you are a sugar baby and that it’s helping to pay for your lifestyle or rent or student loans. Be confident in who you are. You are not doing anything wrong. This helpful article will help you explain things to your family, read it here.

Meeting The Friends And Family

When you have decided it is time to meet them, do it publicly. With your friends, go out to a bar and have a few rounds together. When it comes to your family, get him to take you and them out to somewhere fancy to eat. Your parents will be impressed by him treating them to something fancy. He may or may not get the approval you need, but as long as you are enjoying what you’re doing with him then that is all the matters. Impress your sugar daddy’s family with these helpful tips, because you gotta meet and impress his family as well.

Find The Sugar Daddy You Want Everyone To Meet On

This is a big step and there’s a lot of debate on whether or not you should introduce him to your friends and family, but if he wants to, then why not? You want to be a sugar wife not a sugar baby, so keep this in mind. Find a guy to make you a sugar baby at