Tips On How To Genuinely Enjoy Doing What He Likes

Enjoy Doing What Your Sugar Daddy Likes

We know you have your own style of activities, but if you want this sugar daddy to stick around, you have to like doing what he likes. Even if it means sitting through long football games in the box seats or going to lectures about something you don’t care about. Here are some helpful tips to help you enjoy doing what he likes.


Men like guns. Guns are powerful and men like to have power. There’s a ton of reasons why rich men like hunting, The Telegraph has an article that explains it for you. If you are not a fan of hunting, then make that known on your dating profile. Otherwise you need to start liking getting up before dawn, sitting in the brush, and waiting in silence for hours. You also have to be ok with possibly killing an animal. Don’t complain on the trip either, remember guys hate girls who complain. If you go hunting with him, he’ll be more than happy to go shopping with you. He might even buy you your own Remmington hunting rifle.


If you like sports, then this is fine. You can skip this part. If you don’t like sports, then here are some tips. The luxury box suites at any sporting event have bars in them and usually offer free food. Don’t over do it on either of them, but entertain yourself. Here is how you can learn enough about sports to keep up with the conversation, read the article here. Cheer when your sugar daddy cheers and ask him questions about the game without being annoying. He will like that you are taking an interest in something that he likes.

Luxury Cars

You don’t have to know anything about cars to know that a Lamborghini is the perfect ride. Men love cars and sugar daddyies who can afford amazing cars, love them even more. You will attend car shows with him. You will test drive several different types of amazing luxury vehicles. If you’re lucky, you might get to drive one yourself. If cars bore you, don’t eye roll around him. Act like you’re interested and know that you will be sitting in the front seat when he tours you around town.

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Liking what he likes is the first step into getting him wrapped around your little finger. You want him to know that you take interest in him and he will take interest in that Rolex you have been eyeing. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, be convincing and show interest. He will appreciate having a cool sugar baby who likes to do the things he likes. Do some sugar daddy dating with Sugar Daddy Meet.